Top Small Business Ideas In 2019

Having your own business can be very liberating, especially if you have been in the corporate industry for so long. But you probably don’t want to be working for a company forever. So I’m going to share the top small business ideas in 2019 to help you save up for that business you want to venture in.

Whether it’s a small business or a big one, it is a great achievement. In the beginning, you will need to work hard for your business to grow. But once you get the hang of it and you start earning, your business will start working for you. Continue reading below so you can start building up your business.

1. Social Media Consultant

One of the most popular small businesses today is becoming a social media consultant. If you are someone who loves the internet, it would be best to become a social media consultant. You can start creating your portfolio and developing a website for it. This way, online businesses and even the ones who are not yet online can see your work. These businesses are looking for a person who can help them connect with their market and that’s through social media websites.

2. Video Services

Video services are becoming very popular, in fact, there was a 71% increase in viewed cross-platform videos just last year. If you are into videoing or video blogging then creating money out of it would be best. When it comes to video services, you are responsible for everything that a video should have. Some of these things include motion graphics, editing, effects, titles, music, distribution, compression, and more. So if you are good at these, then video services are for you.

3. Subscription-based Business

Depending on your plan, you can create a subscription-based business that you want. There are some businesses that provide the latest makeup every month for the people who subscribed for a box of makeup monthly. You may also opt for food subscription because food businesses are always a hit. The competition with this kind of business is high, so make sure to choose something that will help you stand out.

4. Eldercare Business

You can start an eldercare business, wherein you can deliver things for them or drive them to a place that they are going to. Being old can be fun until you need to drive yourself somewhere. You can create a business that will help elderly people to do things that they need. This may include home care, landscaping, pet care, cleaning, catering, and delivery. You can also create a mobile beauty salon where you can go to the elderly’s house so you can cut their hair or style it when needed.

5. Gluten-free Products

Start creating products that are gluten-free. If you can’t create a product, then find products that are gluten-free. You can also attend online courses when it comes to certifications, food preparation, and anything related to products that are gluten-free. The reason behind this is that there is an increase in gluten-free products every year. In the United States alone, there are total sales of $2.34 billion for just this year.

6. Mobile Phone Repair Services

If you are into technology and you love fixing or repairing mobile phones, then start a repair business on phones. There may be a lot of repair services today, but one that you can offer is a faster turnaround of the repair. Just make sure that you can keep up with your promises to avoid ruining your business’ reputation.

7. Kid-friendly Apps

Parents today are letting their kids use smartphones and tablets, and ensuring that they are using kid-friendly apps will keep them away from harmful contents. If you are a developer, then why not start creating kid-friendly apps that parents will love. You can opt to focus on educational things or health. Research on what kids love to do on smartphones or tablets so you can get an idea.

8. Software Online School

If you specialize in software, then why not start a business that will help you practice what you love and sharing it by tutoring people online. You can start an online school that specifically caters to people who want to learn about different software programs. Besides tutoring, you can also start with online consulting and writing e-books about software.

9. Vending Machines

Yes, vending machines have been here for decades. But most vending machines are offering sodas and chips. So why not start creating a vending machine that has healthy foods and drinks in it? You can start building one and selling them to fitness centers, offices, and even schools. This will not only help people find healthier choices but as well as help you become successful.

10. Language and Translation Services

You can also start tutoring different languages and become a translator when needed. If you are an expert in different languages, then tutoring those who need to learn at least one would be ideal. Also, translators are becoming in demand for years, especially with businesses who deal with other nationalities. If you’re good enough, this business might be for you.


These are the top small business ideas in 2019 that you should check out. Choose one that you think you’re good at and with perseverance and determination, you will definitely become successful.

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